Iwas born in Sa Cheun, South Korea in 1954.

After I graduated from high school, my family immigrated to the USA in 1972.


As a child I was often praised for my singing and drawing. Singing came naturally until my voice changed and drawing stayed with me. 


I landed in NYC in the summer of 1973, enrolled in the Art Students League of NY for painting, and School of Visual Arts in NY (SVA) for graphic design, and spent a large part of my life pursuing ART. 


Throughout my career, I worked as a designer and art director in print media, a successful NY illustrator, a founder of a design company, a newspaper publisher, a meditation retreat center director, a museum director in Korea…

And lately, I sit and paint.


I hope this site provides with you a window into a bit of me (inside and out, old and new) as an artist.


- Min Jae , 2020